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SAPCR – Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship

Experienced Texas SAPCR Attorney

These types of suits involve establishing legal rights for parents who are not married – and either parent has standing to bring such a family law case (although other facts can affect the ability and wisdom of filing such a suit, which is why it is adviseable to speak with an experienced attorney). A subset of SAPCRs is parentage suits. Upon parentage being established, the SAPCR action can proceed – conservatorship, visitation, access, and child support payments will be established. If you need a Burleson SAPCR lawyer (working in both Johnson and Tarrant Counties), please contact the Stanley Law Office.

Understanding What is Legally Expected of Parents

Parental rights clearly involve pride, joy, happiness – and a great deal of responsibility. For instance, at the conclusion of a SAPCR, a parent will be expected to help the child by making child support payments and maintaining health insurance coverage. The parent-child relationship is a highly personal aspect of one’s life, and intrusion into this personal space by the court system can be very draining and frustrating. The courts and attorneys use many acronyms and specialized terms – the law can be extremely confusing. The Stanley Law Office and Patricia L. Stanley work closely with clients through each step of the legal process. Mrs. Stanley takes time to explain the law and discuss a client’s options in each situation. If you need a family law attorney, contact the Stanley Law Office to discuss your parental rights with an attorney who fully understands the Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR).